Community Connections

What if you knew exactly how to stay top of mind each and every week?

Cultivating relationships with kindness and showing gratitude are two of the best ways to ensure loyal clients and endless referrals all year long.

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Market Ink has made it easy to do just that with Community Connections, designed to provide business owners with a weekly guide on how to build deeper relationships with everyone in their circles. The tasks take less than an hour and can be performed by anyone in the office – onsite or off.

Check out examples of the Community Connections a firm can expect to receive

Each week’s Community Connection tip includes start-to-finish instructions that cover:

1. Exactly what to do (who should receive the Connection, what they will get, why it matters, how it’s delivered, when it should go out)

2. Ideas for photos and video you can take to enhance the experience

3. Language for social media posts and eNewsletters, including calls to action for engagement

4. Reminders for documenting what Connections were made that week (making future referrals easier to track!)

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