Make the Most of Your Business

Is your business making the most of what matters?

Make the most of your client relationships. Make the most of your marketing.

Make the most of your bottom line.

Make the most of your employees' talent.

Make the most of your time.

So you can make the most out of life and help your clients do the same.

Marketing Director Training & Coaching

Make the most of your marketing by arming your Marketing Director with the tools they need to tell the world about why you're the best choice.

The Marketing Director Collective will provide monthly brainstorming calls, tutorials on proven marketing strategies, guidance on how to develop meaningful and engaging content, in-person collaboration opportunities, and support systems designed to give your Marketing Director access to others in the same role, all to give your firm the cutting edge it needs.

Marketing Directors Collective

Are you a lawyer who invests a lot of time and money into personal and professional growth, but struggles to translate that vision to your marketing staff? Or maybe you finally made the jump to hire the Marketing Director you knew you needed but don’t know where to start. You know what you want your law firm to look like, but you just don’t know how to direct your staff to get on the same page with you and make it happen.

That’s where the Marketing Director Collective comes in.

The Marketing Directors Collective helps firms set themselves up for next-level brand recognition and elevate their existing marketing so that it yields more referrals, more cases, and a stronger cohesion between the marketing director and attorney.

If you are a lawyer who wants…

- to develop a real marketing strategy that your Marketing Director can seamlessly follow, giving them the direction they desperately want

- to provide your Marketing Director with a sounding board for ideas on proven strategies that actually work and won’t break the bank

- the right data to be collected and reported back in a way that easily gives insight into the health of the firm and it’s marketing efforts and cost

- to teach your Marketing Director how to “get it” by clearly communicating the vision and the “why” behind what you do

- to become less dependent on Google Ads and the pay-to-play hamster wheel

- to maximize the relationships already built with pleased clients and referral sources

- to bring that extra something special to marketing that feels like it’s “missing something”

- to break into the Community Marketing space by giving back in a way that benefits everyone

- more referrals and repeat clients without blatantly asking for them

- to be hands-off the marketing while still feeling like your hands are on the wheel

…then you need to sign your Marketing Director up for the Marketing Directors Collective.

What the Marketing Directors Collective includes:

Your Marketing Director's year-long membership to the Marketing Directors Collective includes:

- An on-boarding call between you, your Marketing Director, and Anneke Kurt, a legal

marketing veteran of nearly 20 years and Community Marketing expert. This exploratory call is

designed to analyze your firm, its current marketing efforts, and opportunities for growth.

- A Strategy Session follow-up call to go over Anneke’s recommendations for your firm

and how your Marketing Director can fulfill them.

- Digital downloads and how-to guides on everything

from how to get more Google reviews or develop a year’s

worth of newsletter ideas to an exact script on how to

gather video testimonials or run a Bikes for Kids program,

plus more.

- Monthly group calls with Anneke and the other MDC

members to brainstorm ideas, hot seat tough topics, and

engage with guest speakers.

- Monthly newsletters featuring marketing tips, insights, and interviews

with those in the know

- Access to and support of other Marketing Directors walking the same path

- An invitation to an exclusive in-person training event in 2024 designed to put the Marketing Director to work while staying aligned with the firm vision and the attorney’s expectations

Want to take advantage of a limited-time discount of 10-15%? Send a request to Anneke directly at or via text to 419-283-5573.

Culture Building &

Business Growth

Make the most of what you've built by implementing systems designed to let you work on the business instead of in it.

You're ready to take things to the next level and Market Ink will help you determine how your business fits into the life you want and provide actionable steps to foster communication, maximize spend and reduce costs, improve efficiency, and create a team that recruits for you.

Business Development & Project Management

Make the most of your idea by bringing it to life, step-by-step.

Whether your idea has yet to be put to paper or you need help implementing the blueprints, Market Ink will analyze where you are, help you determine where you want to be, and develop a plan to get you there using tools designed to drive revenue, maximize profits, and minimize costs, all while keeping your clients at the forefront.

Community Marketing Program Development

Make the most of the community you live in by giving back in a way that builds trust and primes potential clients.

People do business with people they like and trust. Developing that trust is a whole lot easier when you show the community that you care about the place you live and work without expecting anything in return by implementing Community Marketing programs like the ones developed by Market Ink. Tailored to your business, geographic location, personality, and budget, Market Ink's proven programs yield invested clients, repeat referrals, media opportunities, invaluable connections to others in the community, and, most importantly, the ability to sleep at night knowing you're doing some good.

Client Outreach & Reputation Management

Make the most of the relationships you've built with your happy clients by teaching them to tell the world and how to send you business.

The greatest compliment a business can receive is when a pleased customer gifts to their friends and family the recommendation to become a customer of yours, too. These referrals must be the backbone of your business and focusing on them costs less than marketing to strangers. Market Ink will show you how to create loyal customers during the first interaction with your business, increase not only the number of reviews but also improve the quality of what's being said, and teach customers how to thank you for a job well done by sharing your name with others.

Video Shoot Direction &

Content Development

Make the most of the money you're spending on video production by evoking the most emotional and raw feelings from those on camera.

It can be difficult to capture the true essence of how a client felt when you made a difference in their life or how passionate you are about advocating for those you serve, especially on camera. Eliminate the nerves, forget the script, and translate those feelings onto film by having Market Ink work alongside your videographer to direct your next video shoot. Not ready for a full-on camera crew? Market Ink will sit down with your clients while an iPhone camera rolls. The result will be teary, impactful, and the story will be told with the emotion it deserves.

(Bonus: that footage will then be further developed into a plan that will provide a year's worth of content among all online and offline mediums!)

Why Market Ink wants you to make the most

I see things in business owners they don’t always see in themselves: that they have the ability to help clients deeper than just within the walls of their establishment, that the owner's genuine concern for those they serve has a longer-lasting impression than they think, and that advocating for clients the way they do is something that clients are desperate to share with those they love, as a way to show thanks for how much they have helped them.

Teaching owners to look through the lens of the client's perspective is how I help entrepreneurs communicate these attributes in a way that clients can receive and truly understand. And while the immediate effect of increased business is great, it isn't as important and long-lasting as the residual effect: trust is built, referrals come naturally, and the community benefits.

- Anneke Kurt, Founder of Market Ink

What others are saying about how they made the most

Brad Hirsch

General Manager, Hollywood Casino Toledo, Penn National Gaming

"Having Anneke at the table helped us clearly communicate during negotiations the true reason behind the project of bringing a Kengos LLC restaurant into Hollywood Casino. Translating onto paper in a corporate setting the passion and spirit that Kengo Sushi & Yakitori brought to the Toledo community for years is not an easy feat. We wanted to continue that feeling and have it be the cornerstone right off the bat with Shobu by Kengo and having Anneke on the Grand Opening Team helped us capture that holistically even before the contract's ink was dry."

Kengo Kato

Chef Owner, Kengos, LLC

"Anneke was key in bringing Kato Ramen to life. Her dedication and hard work were crucial - coordinating with architects and engineers, working with the City, overseeing planning and the build-out, managing equipment needs, and tackling the opening stages. She managed everything from the construction teams and hiring and training staff to warmly welcoming guests when we opened our doors. Anneke's passion and drive truly fueled our success."

Jillian Todd

Partner, Joseph M. Todd, P.C.

"Anneke is the absolute BEST! She is so knowledgeable and always willing to help in whatever way she can. She is a great communicator, a true giver and all around awesome person. Anyone would be lucky to work with her! Love her!"

Larry Weinstein

CPA, The Cash Flow Maximizer

"Anneke is truly the master of Community Based Marketing!! She freely shares the knowledge she has developed and implemented to help grow your business and practice!! The info she shares...showing companies how to market by 'DOING GOOD' in the community is not just 'Ivory Tower Theory'...but rock solid, 'tried and true' actionable steps."

Brian Mittman

Founding Attorney, Markhoff & Mittman, P.C.

"I have known and worked with Anneke for over 12 years and can say without pause that she is a true, passionate and dedicated marketer who will add ridiculous value to any marketing that you have her help you with. It is well worth your time to study her work, ask questions and realize that you cannot go wrong with Anneke or Market Ink!"

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